Weekly Deliveries
You may place a standing floral order for delivery can be scheduled to be delivered to your place of business each week according to your specifications of size, color and style. We will pick up the old arrangement and replace it with a fresh arrangement in the same time frame each week.
Corporate Accounts
Most companies set up corporate accounts to make ordering fast and hassle free. Upon setting up a corporate account you would be given an account number to use whenever you or your staff places an order. These charges would then be billed to you on a monthly basis. For more information on setting up an account please call 212.920.0095 or email for more information
Plants and Maintenance
BEST FLORIST also can provide plants for your space. If needed, a representative of The BEST FLORIST will come to your place of business to advise you of the type and size of plants that would be appropriate for your space. Once placement is complete we also offer maintenance services in which we will attend to your plants on a weekly basis to ensure that they are being properly cared for.